Waterfalls in the Great Smoky Mountains of NC

Below you will find information about many beautiful waterfalls in the Western NC area. Including Bryson City, Cherokee, and Franklin! We love the natural wonders of waterfalls and hope you will enjoy them as much as we do!
eighty foot waterfall ending in Deep Creek of the North Carolina Smoky Mountains

Tom Branch Falls

Close to the entrance of the trails this beautiful waterfall is accessible to most everyone. It is a delicate fall made up of countless strands of water cascading over the rockface.

snow covered rocks and grounds beside a cascading waterfall in Deep Creek

Indian Creek Falls

This lovely waterfall is accessed by an easy uphill walk. It is the most powerful of the three falls in Deep Creek. Recently renovated steps and work around the viewing area makes this a great place to get selfies and family photos while taking in the natural beauty of the falls. Continue up the trail a little bit more to the bridge to view the remainder of the cascades of Indian Creek Falls.

snow covered walking bridge in front of a waterfall in Deep Creek

Juney Whank Falls

Neat waterfall along the 3 waterfall loop in Deep Creek. There is a bridge that crosses just in front of it. More Info

spectacular two hundred foot waterfall plunging into the stream above a pedestrian viewing bridge

Mingo Falls

Located in Cherokee Nc this is a great spot to stop for photos. The high waterfall is crossed by a bridge giving visitors an unimpeded view. It is a well maintained trail but be aware it is a steep walk to the falls. More Info

rushing waters of Whitewater Falls plunging over the mountainside

Whitewater Falls

The tallest waterfall on the East Coast. There are multiple viewing angles and platforms. Very high tourists attraction area so prepare for that. Its about an hour and twenty minutes away from the cabin but there are many waterfalls along the way!

in the middle of a double waterfall Soco Falls

Soco Falls

Take highway 19 from Bryson City or Cherokee past the casino about 10 miles you will see signs for Soco falls on the right. Visitors are able to climb down with the assistance of ropes to the base of the falls for an up close waterfall experience. This is one of my favorite waterfalls to visit.

long cascading waterfalls with lush spring greenery surrounding the gorge

Callusaja Falls

This is the first stop on the Franklin Waterfall Tour. I love to walk down to the waters edge and relax on one of the dry boulders along the edge.

waterfall spilling over the cliff with a walking path behind Dry Falls

Dry Falls

Also on the Franklin Waterfall Tour, Dry Falls offers the unique opportunity to walk behind a large waterfall. There are also handicap accessible outlooks that make this a great stop for the whole family.

moss covered logs in the foreground with Alarka Falls and Cascades plunging from the mountainside

Alarka Falls

This is one of the best falls in the area and most have never seen it! Located in the Alarka community, its a rocky hike to the falls. They plummet and cascade about 250ft. See our blog and get directions here.

cascading waterfall on the Upper Nantahala River

Nantahala Cascades

Beautiful drive just a few miles past The Nantahala Outdoor Center. It will feature fly fisherman galore and many cascades along the road. Drive to the Raft input area on the Nantahala River(Wayah Rd.). You only need to drive the couple of miles and turn around its worth it!